The Tilghman Family first came to California in 1850. Robert Tilghman arrived in northern California that year. 1

Robert Tilghman settled in Marysville, CA and worked as a barber. The name of his first wife is unknown, but she died in 1856 in the first recorded stagecoach robbery in California. Tom Bell's gang attempted to rob a stagecoach traveling from Camptonville to Marysville, carrying an estimated $100,000 in gold dust. Mrs. Tilghman was riding on the outside seat along with the Chinese passengers, and was killed by gunfire. 2 Tilghman then married Lucinda (Tilghhman), and they had 3 children: Robert Tilghman, Selina Isabelle Tilghman (Grubbs), and Charles Tilghman.

Note that there were at least 3 Charles Tilghmans through the years:

  • Charles F. Tilghman (1868-1924), son of Robert, husband of Hettie Tilghman
  • Charles F. Tilghman (1897-1985), son of Hettie, husband of Ione
  • Charles F. Tilghman (1921-2000), son of Ione

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