Triple Point Cohousing is a cohousing community founded in 2005, located at the intersection of Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. The idea of creating the cohousing community came up as a response to residents' sense of alienation due to residential subdivisions. The founders wanted to create a local sense of community and shared responsibility.

Interested in visiting? Please email the members through their website and ask! 


In 2004, future cohousing resident Megan wrote an email to her friends and lists, asking: 

"Are you craving more permanence, more autonomy, and more for your money in your home? In other words, would you rather be an owner than a renter? Are you interested in mapping a future direction for our community? Taking what we have created to a deeper level? Utilizing our skills at communication, independent inter-dependence, group creations, and organization to pull off a whole new type of project?

If you are like me, does owning a home in the bay area seem so impossibly ridiculous, especially as a single person, that you haven’t researched if you could, perhaps, one day, make it happen? Does the idea of having dinner cooked for you a few nights a week, sitting down with your friends for a couple of hours to eat, maybe watch a movie, play scrabble, or weld a fire-breathing monkey, then walk two minutes to the privacy of your home sound cool?...Are you willing and enthusiastic to learn new communication and decision making skills, to deepen and expand your relationships? ...Then you might be interested in joining me in talking about planning a co-housing community."

This email was a watershed moment in what would become the Triple Point Cohousing. In the following year, future residents came together to get legal advice on "Tenancies in Common" and check out different housing spaces. One of these places was a space comprised on 8 houses and cottages that create a ring around a common open yard space. By September of 2005, the deal was closed for what became Triple Point Cohousing! :D