Tyler T. Henshaw (February 9, 1862 – May, 1932) was the youngest son of Edward C. and Sarah Henshaw. His name is sometimes listed as Edwin T. Henshaw.

Tyler married Ida Harrington (Henshaw) (June, 1873 – November 11, 1906) about 1894. They had three children: Ransom Henshaw (1895 – 1988), Ida Tyler Henshaw (1897 – 1973) and Edward Carrington Henshaw (July 27, 1904 – August 14, 1972).

Tyler had appendicitis in May, 1904. It was serious enough that his brother William was informed he should return from his trip east. 1

Ida died in 1906 after a long illness. At the time of Ida's death, they lived at 122 Lake street (Avenue?). Tyler then married Pearl (Henshaw) (September 12, 1872–October 1, 1954) who had two daughters by a previous marriage, Pearl (Best) (husband Donald) and Dorothy.

Tyler was a senior member of the firm Henshaw, Buckley & Co. He was an early member of the Sequoyah Country Club when it opened in 1914.

The 1920 census lists them at 349 Vernon Street.

Tyler died in May, 1932. In 1935 Pearl lived at 1566 Mountain Blvd.

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