The city council and OPD have limited resources and must pick their battles, but how these battles are picked tends to be very arbitrary and enforcement tends to fall disproportionately on already disadvantaged or marginalized groups.

Here is a list of laws that are routinely flaunted in the town:

  • open containers - most especially unenforced among hipsters at Lakeside Park near the Children's Fairyland sign or Art Murmur
  • federal marijuana regulations (with the official blessing of the city council, see Measure Z) (except when they are, like the raids at Oaksterdam)
  • stop signs -merely advisory! (and this is BAD NEWS)
  • many MANY bicycle rules and regulations. lights? registering them? no riding on sidewalks? yeah, whatever. (except when it's convenient to ticket people for bad bike behavior, like, in front of protests)
  • the no-dogs-in-any-Oakland-park-including-around-Lake-Merritt rule
  • tools of violence (well, we'll see, but really, who's gonna enforce the paint and wrench stuff?)
  • food truck permits
  • anti-cruising (along with double parking, parking in crosswalks, RVs parked over night where they're not supposed to be, etc)


Here is a list of proposed laws that aren't even on the books yet but would most certainly be routinely flaunted and prejudiciously enforced:


Here are some other laws and ordinances