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Union French Bakery was a bakery at 27th and Grove (now MLK) from c.1911 to c.1935.

One of the first mentions in the Oakland Tribune is for the construction of the distinctive building at 661 - 27th St. in 1911 1 In addition to the main bake house, they had a retail space around the corner at 2621 Grove.

In 1913, F. Laclergue purchased the interests of P. Hourcade. A 1931 ad mentions Jean Baptiste Laclergufe, Françoise's husband, and F. Bidou, their son-in-law. 4

The last mention found is from 1935 in an ad for a Food Industry Exposition. 3

By 1937, the Grove St. address was associated with Golden Krust Baking Company, and the main bake house is labeled that on the 1951 Sanborn map.

1912 Sanborn excerpt1951 Sanborn excerpt1931 2

In 2018, the property was in the news because of accusations of collusion between the building owner and a city inspector to force the current tenants out. 5

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