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The Vallance Nursery was located at 81 Glen Avenue off of Piedmont Avenue. It was in business at that location from about 1914-1929. The nursery was owned by brothers John and James Vallance. 1

Prior to 1914 the Morse Nursery the nursery department of the C.C. Morse & Company was at the same location. 2 The Vallance Brothers were managing the nursery for C.C. Morse & Company and eventually bought it from them.

1912 Sanborn excerpt

Note the Vallance sign in the photo of the Glendonia Apartments built at 81 Glen Avenue in 1928. The Hill Crescent Apartments at 77 Glen were built in 1929.

1929 Sanborn excerpt

In 1929 they moved the nursery closer to Piedmont Avenue and it became the Vallance-Piedmont Nursery at 29 Glen Avenue. 3 John Vallance then applied for a permit to build an apartment building on the original location. 4 John Vallance died in 1940. 5

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