The most delicious vegan tacos come from the main Taqueria Sinaloa - the one on 22nd and International in Fruitvale. That spot has 2 taco trucks in the parking lot. The truck that's more Easterly/farther away from International will reliably have incredible vegan tacos. You can get them by ordering veggie tacos without cheese or cream. They are $1.25 each.

There are also extremely delicious vegan tacos at the Lake Merritt Taqueria Sinaloa. You can order them the same way, but they appear to be $1.50. This Sinaloa has the benefit of being very close to downtown, so if you're in that part of town and not up for biking out to 22nd, this will do you right. They are also open very late (till when?).

The Fruitvale Ave Taqueria Sinaloa on Fruitvale Ave. and 12th St. (by Fruitvale BART) has good vegan tacos as well, but they are not as spectacular as the tacos at the other two locations.

Although not a vegan, this vegetarian editor would like to point out that it's very unlikely that these tacos are truly vegan. I prefer to stick my vegetarian head in the sand when it comes to Mexican food and pretend that there is no chicken broth in the rice or lard in the beans, but the point about the vegan-ness is well taken! If anyone has checked on any particular trucks, this would be awesome info! -gk

Other vegan tacos

Spot Location Details
Mi Rancho this is the one right southeast of Lake Merritt. Totally average vegan tacos. Nothing to write home about.
Pretty much any taco truck..   ..will make veggie tacos without cream or cheese, but your mileage may vary.
Your house   as delicious or flavorless as you choose to make them, but they are available at any time and completely to your specifications