The delicious Vegan Mac at Homeroom is even better with broccoli. Via Tastespotting Animal-free eats! Oakland has 'em in vast and diverse ways: from the Pupuserías of Fruitvale and the (pathetic) Veggie Burgers at the Coliseum; to the Vegan Soul Food in Jack London Square and mac' and cheese options across the city; to Ethiopian, Eritrean and Korean fare up Telegraph and surrounding it; to the Oasis Market of flatbreads, mezze and foodstuffs of the Middle East/North Africa; and let's not forget the multiple Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese options...the list goes on and on (and on).

Given the wealth of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants across the city, this page highlights a few vegetarian or vegan joints, events and resources in Oakland:



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April 22-28 Oakland Veg Week (events, give-aways, and cooking classes) Oakland Veg

Meatless Monday is a national non-profit initiative that encourages participants to cut out meat once a week to improve their health, reduce their carbon footprint and slow climate change.

Oakland participants include:

July Annual Vegan Cupcake Bake-Off Rock Paper Scissors Collective
N/A Vegetarian Pop-up Market Kitchener Oakland
N/A Oakland Vegan Dine Out  



  • Vegansaurus: Great blog that alerts us to the new developments in vegan eats and drinks across Oakland and beyond, in addition to features of various animals in need of a permanent home;
  • Oakland Veg