1893 lithograph

Vernon Heights (c.1880s – c.1930) was an ultra-prestigious neighborhood near Lake Merritt. Being east of Glen Echo creek, it was originally outside Oakland, but was annexed on Oct. 27, 1888. Nearly forgotten today since it became lumped together with Adams Point, its distinct nomenclature and boundaries are nevertheless important to preserve for historical and (especially) architectural reasons, since much changed between the “Gilded Age” and the Great Earthquake, after which Adams Point began to be developed.

By 2013, only this apartment sign preserves the entire name of a tony former neighborhood. Other buildings preserve the name "Vernon", such as Vernon Hill at 72 Vernon St.

Notable Residents

  • Gov. and Sen. George C. Perkins lived at the top of Perkins St. (see Palm Knoll) and of course, all his peeps wanted to be nearby.
  • Sec. of the Navy Victor Metcalf’s house abutted Adams’ “Point” property

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