Victor Garcia was an Officer with the Oakland Police Department. As of July 2013 he is reported to be with the Operation Ceasefire unit.

He has been involved with multiple questionable police shootings in Oakland.

In 2001, Garcia shot and wounded Lanare Wise who was walking down 88th Ave with a gun and did not respond to officer's requests to drop the weapon.4

In 2010, he shot and wounded Bruce Rhodes incorrectly believing that Rhodes was reaching in his jacket for a weapon.3

In 2010, while responding to a burglar alarm, he shot and killed Gloria, an 11-year-old arthritic Labrador retriever claiming his life was in danger.1

In 2011, during Occupy Oakland protests, Garcia shot videographer Scott Campbell with a "beanbag projectile"in direct violation of Oakland Police's Crowd Control Policy. He hit Campbell in the leg and was temporarily removed from the SWAT team during the investigation.2

Video of Garcia shooting Campell.


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