The Wa Sung Community Service Club is a community service club in Chinatown.

The club is a registered non-profit. The name Wa Sung refers to people "born of Chinese descent", but broken down semantically also means "to lift up/create/increase".


The club started in 1923 as the Wa Sung Baseball Team (later changed to Wa Sung Athletic Club). The team disbanded in 1938, then in 1952 was reformed as the Wa Sung Service Club. They held their first meetings in 1953. Joseph Lee was the first president.

1923 - Wa Sung Baseball Team / Wa Sung Athletic Club
1938 - team disbanded
1952 - Wa Sung Service Club formed
1953 - first events for Wa Sung Service Club
1979 - women allowed to join
2001 - name changed to Wa Sung Community Service Club


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