Wendy Cross
Badge #465

Lives in Vallejo, CA.

Officer Cross of the Oakland Police Department was accused of not displaying her name badge in direct violation of California law, and  and refusing to give her name when asked.  However, the video (linked below and with a still shown above) clearly shows that her badge was visible at the time.  California law (Penal Code §830.10) only requires that the badge be visible, and does not require that the officer provide his or her name.  

Officer John Hargraves was suspended for 30 days for a violation of PC §830.10, and Judge Thelton Henderson described it as a most serious violation of the Negotiated Settlement Agreement., but that has nothing to do with Officer Cross and this video.  

Officer Cross was one of Oakland's highest paid employees in 2011, earning a total of $212,646.  Why that is relevant here, I don't know.



Please see the full list of alleged police misconduct and continue to add entries for specific instances of alleged OPD misconduct.