The West of Market Boys was a social club started in 1934 for 'old timers' who had gone to school at Cole, Prescott and Tompkins Schools, and wanted relive the old days. 1

courtesy Mica MatsumotoThomas Melvin O'Neil
courtesy Brian O'Neil

Some names associated with it:

Name Date(s) Notes
Beach Dean 1934 general chairman
Jesse R. Church 1934 secretary; captain in OFD
Lyman Jacobus 1934 treasurer
Harry Orbell 1934 chairman of publicity; inspector in OPD
Frank Flynn 1934 publicity
Elmer Martinoni 1934 publicity
John Piepenburg 1934 chairman of fiance
Tom Wood 1934 coming entertainment
George Nolan 1934 coming entertainment
Frank Galliano 1934 coming entertainment
Tony Vukman 1948 member
Clarence A. Nelson 1948 secretary
J. Lloyd Barron 1948 president
Marcella Brown 1948  
Bill Lenihan 1948  

Links and References

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