William Griffith Henshaw (March 28, 1860 – March 2, 1924) was the second youngest son of Edward C. and Sarah Henshaw. He was president of Union Savings Bank (c.1900), and later worked in the construction and water business in San Diego.

William married Mehitable ("Hetty") Stuart Tubbs (1863 – Oct 23 1943), daughter of Hiram Tubbs in 1886. 5 They had three children: Alla Sarah Henshaw (Chickering) (1887–1950), Florence Adams Henshaw (Kinney) (1890–1948) and William "Griffith" Henshaw (1893–1958).

William G. Henshaw is listed in the 1887 Oakland City Directory as President of the Morning Times Company, and in real estate with William J. Dingee. The family residence at that time was 276 East 14th Street in the namesake Tubbs-Henshaw House.

In 1900 they lived at 1155 Jackson Street. In 1910 they lived at 115 Adams Street. By 1920 they had moved to San Francisco.

His grandson, William Griffith Henshaw III (September 18, 1923 – March 18, 2010) married Patricia Madigan (Henshaw), daughter of "Slip" Madigan. WGH III is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.

In 1910, Hetty, the girls, and a niece were riding in the car while it was being driven by the family chauffeur, Charles J. Sedgebeer. The car struck and killed 10 year old Philip Brown. Sedgebeer was charged with manslaughter. 1

At the time of his death in 1924, Henshaw was on the board of directors of PG&E. 3

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