Aldinger and Lapp, also known as the Melrose Meat Market, was a meat market on E14th St. (International Blvd.) run by Carl Aldinger and his brother-in-law Emil Lapp, from c.1915 to c.1941. The Melrose Meat Market dates back to at least 1907, before Melrose had been annexed by Oakland in 1909. 4

In the 1915 directory, Aldinger and Lapp is listed at 5109 E14th, with Carl Aldinger's residence the same. By the 1928 directory, the market had moved a couple doors over to 5133 E14th, and Carl and his wife Albertine Aldinger had moved to 2122 - 62nd Avenue.

By the 1940 directory, Carl's son Herman K. Aldinger was also working at the market. 2

1928 directory1940 directory 2

c.1941, it was sold to William Carstens, 3 and became once again the Melrose Meat Market. Also listed is K. F. Addington. Carl and Herman were still working there.

1941 directory1941 directory

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