1951 Sanborn excerpt

Borden's Creamery (also Borden's Farm Products) was a dairy at 28th and San Pablo Ave. The 1951 Sanborn shows a garage, offices, and ice cream manufacturing in addition to non-labeled areas.

Producers Milk Company and Standard Creameries

The building was constructed in 1924 for Producers Milk Company. 3 In 1927 they were part of merger of 10 companies in Oakland and the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys. The combined companies operated under the name Standard Creameries Inc. 8 but Producers continued to use their name in Oakland until 1929.

In 1929, shareholders of Standard Creameries approved selling to Borden. 9 This was part of a much larger acquisition by Borden: 53 companies across 13 states and Canada. 10 The Tribune lamented that "the last dairy unit of any size in the northern part of the state loses its independence. All now are either controlled by Borden or Golden State Milk Products..." 9

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Borden formally launched in Oakland in January 1931. The initial officers were M.H. Crosby, plant superintendent; J.A. Harrington, district manager; E.S. Baube, general manager; L.V. Towt, production manager. An opening full-page advertorial touted their 20,000 cubic foot ice box. 6

Borden's started using the Borden's Dairy Delivery Company name in 1934. 5 They were at 2743 San Pablo until they opened a new, larger plant in San Leandro in 1960. 7

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Creamcrest Dairy

The 1944 directory also lists Creamcrest Dairy Products at 2743 San Pablo. 1

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