Central Reservoir Park is a public park in the City of Oakland, California, sometimes referred to as Central Reservoir Recreation Area.

This park is easy to miss but worth finding. Enter through a chain-link fence on the East 29th side, but don't bother looking for a sign: there isn't one. The tell-tale way to know you've found it? The "No Dogs" sign in City of Oakland yellow on green. The main part of the park is set back from the street by a long path lined by palm trees. The palm allee appears to be a remnant of the famed estate of Capt. Levi Stevens. On the left is a shaded area with a couple of picnic tables. Further along the park are 2 (?) basketball courts, a swingset and a small play structure. There are public restrooms and a baseball field. The back of the park abuts Redwood Day School.


  • Playground
  • Baseball field
  • Basketball courts
  • picnic tables
  • swingset 
  • playground

kids playing on the baseball field. by greenkozilooking down the palm tree driveway toward entrance by greenkoziplaque at the base of one of the palm trees: "Land and Water Conservation Fund. A Cooperative Project for Restoration." by greenkozithat there gate in the fence on the right is the entrance. by greenkozi


2506 East 29th Street, Oakland, California



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