The Colombo Baking Company was founded in Oakland in 1896, and known for its sourdough bread.

It was founded by Peter Ravazza and [ possibly G.B. Ratto? ]. 2

From at least 1917 to c.1935, it was at 1500 Cypress Street

1912 Sanborn excerpt1932 ad

c.1937-1966 it was at 461 - 59th Street at Canning.

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In 1966, Colombo got a grant to build a new plant at 580 Julie Ann Way near the Oakland Coliseum. 3

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The company acquired competitor Toscana Sourdough Bread in 1971, and Baroni in 1972.  In 1982, they acquired Parisian Bakeries of San Francisco. 5 Then in 1984, the company became part of the San Francisco French Bread Company. That in turn became a subsidiary of Hostess Brands, Inc. in 1994, and Colombo shuttered operations in 2012. 1,6

The Colombo brand was acquired by Bimbo Bakeries USA in August 2014. 1

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