This mural is located on the back of the building at 1831 Park Blvd in the Clinton/Ivy Hill/Merritt area. The front of the building is Woody's Cafe.

The mural was commissioned for $7,500 by the city of Oakland and painted in 1997 by Daniel Camacho.

Camacho used images from the communications industry to portray the idea of people and business working together. These images iclude rotary and wireless phones, mics, satellite dishes, telegraphs, and cable TV.

The mural was sponsored by an Arts Partnership Program grant to the Lake Merritt Business association that was designed to commission public art to improve a neighborhood. The Lake Merritt Business Association had the mural painted to raise community pride and discourage blight.

photo CC BY-NC 2.0 by vision63

photo by greenkozi

sponsored by the Lake Merritt Business Association and the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization something. photo by greenkoziphoto by greenkozi