Einstein is running for Mayor of Oakland. He cannot officially file because of bias in election law.  He has the most developed platform of any candidate.  He intends to "bring loyalty and dogged perseverance to the office of Mayor of Oakland." He encourages those who want to vote for him to write him onto the ballot. The following is not an official platform and it's currently being created by the people.


Candidate Statement
  • I will make sure the a shelter is a place where animals can expect kindness, care, and placement in a loving home.
  • Police will be prosecuted for beating and killing innocent beautiful creatures like Alan Blueford and Gloria.
  • All creatures have an expectation of privacy, so as Mayor I will put my paw down and stop the Domain Awareness Center.
  • I will fire many sitting municipal bureaucrats and recruit good staff regardless of race, gender, religion, size, age, sexual orientation, marital status, economic background, educational history, species or neutered status.
  • My staff will not accept the current big fat salaries so many Oakland Police are making. That extra money will go in food and programs to benefit our community’s young brothers and sisters.




Einstein for Mayor of Oakland, California




Einstein was whelped in Redding, CA, but decided to move to Oakland when he was 9½ weeks old. He is a Catahoula Cur. He was an active participant in the Occupy Oakland encampment, enduring many dozens of hours of frosty GAs. Einstein was flash-banged and tear gassed almost without warning by the police on October 25th, 2011 following the destruction of the first Occupy Oakland camp, and as a result has developed symptoms of canine PTSD, and now becomes very agitated by loud noises like gunfire, firecrackers and backfires, a condition he never had before.



website: EinsteinForOakland.org
email: EinsteinForOakland@gmail.com
twitter: @Einstein4Mayor
facebook: Einstein for Oakland




Green Party Candidate Statement einstein.pdf



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