There is an ongoing discussion about hipsters in Oakland. Love them? Hate them? Think they belong elsewhere (think … the Mission?)

Explain here!

  • 2014-02-17: A friend whose opinion I trust – who has lived here since before The Infestation – recently described hipsters as “cultural chemotherapy” for the Bay Area. I thought that was a brilliantly succinct, surprisingly fair way to describe a complicated situation. (Discuss further, if you’d like …) – Mike
  • This externally-defined millenial thinks that hipster is an empty signifier. It doesn't mean anything anymore and there are no hipsters anywhere anymore. Saying "where are the hipsters in Oakland" makes as much sense as saying something like "where are all the daddios in Oakland." It is an extinct subculture, and perhaps one that never existed in the first place. - mk30

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