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Hotel Touraine is a hotel building at Clay Street and 16th Street in downtown Oakland. It has approximately 108 rooms. The building was designed by Henry H. Meyers.

The name Touraine ultimately comes from a region in France. 'Touraine' was a surprisingly popular name for a hotel, with examples from Paris, France; Buffalo, NY; Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada; and of course, Oakland.

The hotel was first at 14th and Clay c.1900, with the property owned by William Dingee and William Henshaw. 1 Henshaw sold the property in 1906. 3 In 1909, plans were made to build a new store for H. C. Capwell's at the location. 4,5 A new building preserving the name was constructed in 1914 at 16th and Clay. 2

Sometime between 2009 and 2014, the once-elegant signs were rebuilt in a somewhat less elegant form.

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