detail from 1877 map

The Humboldt Park Hotel was a hotel with lovely gardens in Temescal, circa 1873-1880. An 1877 directory says Henry C. Babcock was the proprietor, and describes the location as the east side of Telegraph Avenue near Temescal Creek.

The park itself opened April 2, 1871 "with a big flourish of trumpets, and was visited by a large crowd of people throughout the day". 1

Tidbit from the Pacific Rural Press, December 8, 1877:

Bro. Christian Bagge was appointed to lead the discussion at a social meeting of the Grange to be held at the Humboldt Park hotel, Temescal, at 6 P. M., Saturday, December 8th. Subject—"Squirrels and Gophers, and What We Know about Them." It is intended to make such meetings a social and beneficial feature of the Order.

Links and References

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