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The Lakeside Temple of Practical Christianity (previously the Lakeside Unity Temple or Lakeside Unity Truth Center) is a church at 144 Athol. The church was founded in 1939, and moved to this location in 1950.

The church was first led by Rev. Alma M. Morse, and in 1939 began meeting at 1433 Madison Street 1,2 (which was originally built as a Masonic Temple.) The church was associated with the Unity School of Christianity.

In 1950, they constructed a new building at 144 Athol, designed by Ralph E. Wastell. 3

Rev. William J. Cameron served as an assistant minister in the 1950s; he was a long-time adviser to Henry Ford of automotive fame. 4

Rev. Morse retired in 1966 and was succeeded by Rev. Katheryn Jarvis. 5 By 1971, the name had been changed to Lakeside Temple of Practical Christianity. 6

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