Ad from early 1920's Oakland Tribune Yearbook

Merriewood is a section or neighborhood of Montclair.   The Realty Syndicate were the exclusive agents selling the tract.

In a Oct 1925 ad in the Oakland Tribune stated that there was no other tract in Oakland can offer such a "combination of magnificent view and a comfortable home"   The ad went on to say  "it is so pleasant and healthful with trees all around and birds singing away --Great for youngsters" 

Lots in Merriewood were selling for as little as $1750 and as much as $2450, completely finished.  Payments $30 dollars a month with interest.

Add a caption  What your money bought:

  • Large lot wooded and clear
  • Well built roomy house
  • Variety of floor plans
  • Gas, lights, water, paved streets
  • Fast local and San Francisco transportation