This is a list of songs that mention Oakland.

Year Song Album Artist Lyrics
1952 Oakland the Beautiful - Adeline E. Hewitt -
1963 Oakland Don't Blame PG&E, Pal Goodtime Washboard 3 see wiki page for Oakland (song)
1994 Brixton B Sides and C Sides Rancid Chaos disorder looting and loiter From a blind man praying for some silence for some silence Take a loot on the moon not a foot in the room My best intentions always ended in a fight in a fight You can send me to hell expose me I'll tell Just take control and say what they're doing what they're doing Two-fifty dead the tribune read Oakland's going off like a bomb! I saw a new generation coming Under the smoke over Oakland In and out the streets are breathing Under the smoke over Oakland 1993
September 28, 1993 93 'til Infinity 93 'til Infinity Souls of Mischief

"We hailing from East Oakland, California, and sometimes it gets a little hectic out there,

but right now, we gonna up you on how we just chill.

1998 Oakland Blackouts Third Eye Vision Hieroglyphics It could be fatal wait'll Del come back out
and act out emotions in Oakland Blackouts
2013 From the Town From the Town Money B (feat Yukmouth, Del The Funky Homosapien, Shady Nate)

Oakland. Oak-towne.

1992 Baby Got Back Mack Daddy Sir Mix-a-Lot

(LA face with Oakland booty)
Baby got back!

1990 I Want To Be Free  

Too $hort

You think oakland california is a city of punks


Got my partners from oakland doin serious time 


I be in oakland california every day of my life 


What's really goin on in the oakland town 

1974 Back to Oakland Back to Oakland Tower of Power  
1974 Oakland Stroke Back to Oakland Tower of Power  
1997 Nothin' But Love R U Still Down 2pac Straight outta Oakland, California where we spark it on ya
1993 Condition Oakland 24 Hours Revenge Therapy Jawbreaker  
1998 City of Dope Thugged Out: The Albulation Yukmouth

Listen, I'm bout to lace yall motherfuckers
About Oakland, the City of Dope

2009 Da Town West Coast Don Yukmouth  
2002 Down in Oakland Transplants Transplants  
2008 Oakland Deified Keak da Sneak I been in Oakland all my life it's all I know
1994 Streets of Oakland The Big Badass Ant Banks

Hangin' on the streets of Oakland

All we do is smoke that weed

And drink brew on the ave til we get keyed

  I wrote this song in '94   Dave Chappelle I'm talking about George W. Smith
From city council, he ran in '93
Out in Oakland, you probably didn't hear about him
2013 Telegraph Ave Because of the Internet Childish Gambino But everything you do is so Oakland, so Oakland
2011 Gucci Gucci Somethin' 'Bout Kreay Kreayshawn Oakland city representer, address me as your majesty
2013 III Telegraph Ave Because the Internet Childish Gambino

I was making Japanese
And she's watching DVDs
In Oakland, in Oakland
Now I'm driving up the 5
And she waits till I arrive

1965 I see it Now   Frank Sinatra

That year in Oakland High
When I was seventeen
The grass from there to San Jose
Was high and cool and green
I see it now

  Air Algiers   Country Joe MacDonald I hopped on a plane
Oakland New York
Oakland New York
New York to Marseilles.
2010 Chinese Children Cripple Crow Devendra Banhart Yeah if I lived in Brooklyn, I'd still have Chinese children
Yeah if I lived in Oakland, they'd still be Chinese children
1994 Somethin' About the Goldie in Me The funky headhunter MC Hammer

Somethin' 'bout the Goldie in me
Somethin' 'bout an Oakland mack
When I hear this song
It makes an O.G. feel phat

1989 Bombshell   Op Ivy

Down in south Oakland, off east 14th its raining
Six a.m. on Sunday and the bums are praying

  Bad News   Johnny Cash (and lots of others)

Now they tried to hang me down in Oakland and they did in San Frisco

1998 Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night Steal This Album The Coup

Oakland do you want to ride?
I can't hear you! Oakland do you want to ride tonight? 

1994 Side Kick Let's Go Rancid

Down in Oakland
Off of west grand,
St Joseph relief
A program

  Disastrous   Del the Funkee Homosapian  Developing devious plans like Dick Dastardly / Casualties left with they face open / Just taste of Oakland when the place open 
2011 Holiday in Oakland Christmas Time Is Here (and Chanukah and The Solstice) Lisa B. see wiki page for Holiday in Oakland (song)
2013 I'm Really from Oakland Tho    Vell East Oakland, West Oakland, North Oakland
But Lake Merritt got the bitches tho!
2014 (?) I'm from Oakland   Young Chop Fuck what you're hollin about, I'm From Oakland
1991 Nuttin' Nis Funky Nuttin' Nis Funky EP Digital Underground We come from different cities and we're coast to coast ya see
But right now we're based in Oakland
1990 Gutfest '89 Sex Packets Digital Underground Ok, we're on the air live from Lake Meritt in Oakland, California
We'll have exclusive coverage of Gutfest '89

Knee Deep (Midnight Mix)

Knee Deep (Deep as a Mutha Mix)

George Clinton
Greatest Funkin' Hits
Funkadelic (featuring Digital Underground) So give us a pound, cause Digital Underground is out of here
Yeah, like that, putting it down for Oakland town

Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd)

Childish Gambino because the internet:  
1999 Whiskey, Women, And Blackguarding  Rogue's March American Steel

Adeline Adeline sweet Adeline 

Bottle to the face cuts to the chase 

lets paint this town fucking black and blue

2006 San Francisco Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers Lucero The Oakland apartments with bars underneath 'em
The girlfriends and sweethearts with the bay inbetween 'em
2013 Home to Oakland The Reto Sessions Lisa-Marie Johnston Dub Nation
2016 Drive North Drive North SWMRS Oakland save me


Too Short Songs (he gets a special table because, well, all of his songs are about Oakland!)

1988 Oakland Oakland Too Short

Oakland (Oh-oh-oh-Oakland)
Oaktown (Oh-oh-oh-Oaktown)
Oakland (Oakland, Oakland)
Get on down (Oh-oh-Oaktown)

Straight from the West, Oakland

1990 Short Dog's In the House   Too Short

Moving up, East Oakland, yeah, that's right
Moving up, East Oakland, yeah, that's right
Moving up, East Oakland, yeah, that's right
Moving up,