The Oakland Sunshine (1897-1923) was a weekly newspaper. It was founded and edited by John A. Wilds who was the first African American civil servant in Oakland: city hall's custodian and night watchman. The newspaper may have been taken over by the California Voice in 1917. 2,*

Delilah Beasley wrote for the Oakland Sunshine in 1915. 1

Wilds was the editor until at least 1908. 4 He sold the paper to J. M. Bridges some time before 1913. 5

J. M. Bridges was the owner and president of the paper from at least 1913 to 1922. Rev. G. C. Coleman, D. D., was the Editor and Manager. 3,5

From at least 1920 to 1922 the paper had an office at 405 - 8th Street. 3

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