This photo c.1955 of San Pablo Avenue at 55th Street was provided by the Emeryville Historical Society.

Things Shown

  • Cut Rate Shoes (5501/5503)
  • Garrett's Photo Studio (5505)
  • Golden Gate Beauty Shop (5507)
  • Lee's Market (5511)
  • Adam and Even Tavern (5515)
  • Romano's Barber Shop (5519)

Garrett's Photo Studio was run by Fred Garrett from at least c.1933. The 1930 census lists him as being in the photo business and living with his wife Alice on Grand Avenue. Fred was an American citizen born in Shanghai, China. He listed for the shop for sale in 1962, and died in 1964. 1

Other things in the photo provide some clues about the approximate date. The "Calvert Satisfies" ad on the billboard on 55th was part of an ad campaign used 1954-1955. The cars appear to be a 1954 Buick Series 40 Special, a 1950 Buick Model 43 Super Sedan, and a 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Sedan. The dates of the businesses are harder to pin down, but the the first reference found to Lee's Market at 5511 is from 1956.

1911 Sanborn excerpt1950 Sanborn excerpt

Earlier Businesses

Earlier businesses in the area include:

  • grocery run by John King (5501, c.1929)
  • Square Deal Liquor Store (5515, c.1934)
  • Brown TV and Radio Service (5501, c.1967)

Links and References

  1. death notice for Frederick V. Garrett Oakland Tribune September 30, 1964