(by mk30)The West Oakland BART station is the first BART station in Oakland after exiting the Transbay Tube from San Francisco. Every BART line that serves the East Bay goes through West Oakland BART. There is ample parking around the station and a number of bike racks and lockers. A trip from West Oakland through the Tube costs $2.90. The station, originally called the Oakland West station, opened in May 1973.

There are a number of busses (which ones!?) that stop outside the station, giving you access to many other parts of Oakland. The Megabus to LA stops right outside this station as well.


Do not - repeat - do not - lock your bike up outside of the West Oakland BART station. This is a major area for bike theft.


1451 7th Street, Oakland, California


It's so pretty from the platform!

Wow so parking lot - and two cranes in the distance! (by mk30)Wow more parking lot (and downtown in the distance). (by mk30)View of houses in the South Prescott neighborhood south of the station. (by mk30)

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