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Welcome to LocalWiki Olympia — a free, openly-editable, community-centric website for local history, media, opinions, interesting characters and everything else about Thurston county. It’s a transformative and empowering project for the area and one that will increase collaboration and knowledge sharing across the region.

If you're new to LocalWiki, thank you for visiting! Please check out our introduction for more information, including a detailed guide on how to contribute content.

Whether you're new to the area or a native, you have knowledge and perspectives you can share with and learn from your neighbors on LocalWiki. Simply browse the site. If you're interested in getting more involved with the project, brainstorm ideas for content development, or if you'd like to meet the team that's heading up the efforts to build momentum.

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Check out the Bicycling page!

It's starting to take shape with introductory info on trails, bike shops, and best practices for safe riding.

Help out and edit the bicycling page.


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