Steamboat Island beach and docks - Source (link to

Steamboat Island Northwest Olympia Washington 98502

Steamboat Island Road is a road that leads to the Steamboat Island community and Steamboat Island. This community is a perfect place for a family especially raising young children due to some lovely parks nearby and a superb school nearby. This school is called Griffin and has an elementary school and a middle school. It is a very small and community based school that gets the children involved in many activities such as a plant sale, pre-high school sports (little cougars football is a program for middle school boys to start playing football that leads directly into the Capital High School cougars program), as well as other activities. Steamboat Island community also has a portion of the community that lives on an actual island in the bay. A bridge connects this island to the shore. Seals lay on the docks, sail boats drift by, and fishermen have the time of a lifetime in this small community. There are many great campgrounds just a kayak away. A golf range is at the start of the Steamboat Island Road along with two small restaurants, a bar, and two gas stations. 

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