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Decision-making process
Consensus-based (90% agreement)
Payment Method
Cash, WePay

Here is the mission statement for the Portland Occupier:

The Portland Occupier is a Media organization in solidarity with Occupy Portland. It was inspired by the Media activities of Occupy Portland’s occupation of public space, and was created to fulfill similar goals in Media space. It is a Media organization run by consensus, for the purpose of enabling and representing those who willfully participate in the act of being the Media.

“Media” is not just a type of information, or a particular style of providing information. Media is a continuously unfolding process of people representing themselves within a history that is current, fluid, and deeply important to those people’s continued human existence. It is the act of self-representation, and as the concerted actions of individuals, forms expression to and with the rest of the society in which those individuals exists. The Editorial Group believes that Media in this form is a human right. It seeks to provide the power of Media to those who wish to take up that power, and to provide a non-hierarchical, self-organizational model that best deploys Media’s function, understood as such. - See more at:

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