James A. Martin & Bros was a wagon, carriage, and farm implement manufacturer based in Powhatan. It was the successor of Felix Martin's Martin & Son company. It was owned by brothers James A & John William.

In 1883, the company was described as turning out 400 to 1000 spokes per day and manufacturing an average of 175 wagons per year. They also worked in wood and iron work, and have a painting establishment connected to their factory. They machine their own tires, have tools and equipment for punching and shearing and utilize many pieces of machinery.1

In 1895 the company sued P.W. Goff and M.C. Clemons for debt. (Box 52, Folder 34)

In 1896, the company sued P.W. Goff and M.C. Clemons for debt. (Box 21, Folder 19). They Recovered about 30 dollars in cost. (Box 21, f15)

In 1896, the company sued the same as above for replivin (Box 69, folder 60). They also sued for a personal property dispute. (Box 16, Folder 52)

In 1904, they sold the business and moved to Batesville. 2


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