William P. Campbell (1838-1896) was a soldier and druggist who lived in Powhatan with his brother-in-law, J.M. Percival.1

Campbell was born on August 28, 1838, in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky. He settled in Powhatan circa 1854 and helped Percival with his drug business until 1860, when Campbell moved to Augusta to establish his own pharmacy and study law. When the Civil War began, he enlisted in the First Arkansas Mounted Rifles on June 9, 1861. He was assigned to Company D, and participated in the first major battle of the war: Wilson's Creek, where he was wounded and had to have his leg amputated.2 After the war, he established the Confederate Veterans Home.3 In 1886 he became clerk and librarian for the Arkansas Supreme Court, a job he held until his death.4  



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