The following businesses are listed as existing in Powhatan during the following years. Sources from R.L. Polk's Arkansas State Directories for the relevant year. 



On October 26, John Cresup bought a sorrel filly for forty dollars (appraised by Solomon Sharp and Charles Moore; presented to Thomas Johnson, Justice of the Peace).1



On July 14, Henry Hynes and James G. Scott appraised a bay mare and her colt, valued at thirty dollars. The appraisal was presented to Acting Justice of the Peace Thomas Scott.2




An anonymous letter to the Arkansas Banner refers to a surplus of pork and beef being slaughtered at Powhatan.3



General description of iron smelting and limestone mining.4


A cotton factory once operated at "Powhattan." At one time their machinery and pipe work was faulty, for which they were partially compensated.5



  • H.F. Matthews and Son
  • P.C. Stuart and Co.
  • James and Wayland
  • Martin and Son
  • A. Balfans (sic)
  • John H. Martin
  • Wm. F. Raney
  • Theo. Wayland
  • Two Hotels
  • One Livery Stable
  • Baber and Thornburg
  • Mack & Cypert
  • John K. Gibson and Co.
  • Dr. Wells
  • Dr. Wilson



  • Eudaly, J.R.: Hotel
  • Eudaly, J.R. and Co: Grocers
  • Flippo, G.W: live stock
  • Hacker, J.O: Constable
  • Hudson, M.D.: Jeweler
  • Hall, C.C.: saw mill
  • McLeod, W.E.: teacher
  • Peacock A L, physician
  • Poindexter LB, lawyer and Co. Judge
  • Pryor J.S.: justice of the peace
  • Ratcliff D.G.: blacksmith
  • Steadman W.M: general store
  • Swink, A.J.: grocer


  • Barnett, B.J.W.: physician
  • Campbell W.M.: general store
  • Chambers, Mrs. M.A.: general store
  • Coffman, F.L.: general store
  • Flippo, G.W.: live stock
  • Hall, C.C.: saw mill
  • Hursa and Williams: General store
  • Meadows and Webb: general store
  • Poindexter L.B.: lawyer
  • Ratcliffe, D.G.: wagonmaker. 



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