While the Startup family and their Candies have a long history prior to moving to Provo, this article will specifically focus on the Provo location. In 1874, the Startup family moved to Provo and opened their store at 230 West Center Street. After the tragic death of William in 1878, his sons Walter and George revived the business in 1894 starting the Startup Candy Company. Their factory was located at 69 South 300 West in Provo and the business soon grew successfully selling their confections across the nation.


In 1895, they developed the very FIRST candy bar in America with a filling.  The "Opera Bar", with three layers of cream filling in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry sold for ten cents and it became popular even in other countries.  After more than a hundred years, it is still packaged in a lightweight small cardboard box, which opens on ends.  "Startup's Opera Bar" is written across the picture on the box.  It's history and list of ingredients is still printed on the box. Soon after the Opera Bar, Startup's "Magnolias" were developed. They were tiny liquid centered perfume candies and packaged in small boxes.  This candy became the forerunner of modern breath mints.


In 1898 a larger factory was built at 534 South 100 West, where the company is now located. During the Great Depression, the building was sold but Walter was eventually able able to buy back the north half of the factory complex and the box plant where the company is still based. The company passed from father to son through several generations, and is currently owned and run by Jon Startup and his wife Stacey.


The Company Confectionary store is open Monday through Thursday from 12pm-2pm where you can purchase all of their delightful sweets but due to the limited storefront hours, they also have an online store on their website and ship worldwide. Currently, The Startup Building houses dozens of small startup companies as well as DevMountain, a coding campus, the building serves as a community hub for entrepreneurs and others looking to connect and grow Provo. It also hosts the Food Truck Roundup Thursdays from 6pm - 9pm where you can enjoy feasts from the many wonderful food trucks from all over Utah Valley.