If you choose to not eat meat there are a couple places you can go, though you kind of have to look for it:

Guru's - they have a few vegetarian options, though some of them are a little bland. I'd recommend their curry quesadilla.


Rice King - they are super cheap and they have a whole vegetarian menu! Basically they make the same stuff only with soy meat (they say "chicken soy" or "beef soy"). So good! And somehow it really tastes like meat. Damae - hip little Japanese restaurant, with a couple vegetarian options like their vegetarian sushi rolls and miso soup. Bombay House - they have a lot of really good vegetarian food and everything is delicious but it is also fairly pricey. India Palace - they also have a lot of good vegetarian options Thai Ruby - delicious, lots of veggie options, but fairly pricey.

Soup/Sandwich places:

Muse Music and Cafe - They have a really awesome grilled cheese sandwich, even better with tomato. Cafe West - This is at the hospital, their food is super cheap. They have grilled cheese (just like mom used to make 'em), and they have an awesome potato soup (and a broccoli soup that I haven't tried). They are also open really late, pretty much all the time but I think they close down for an hour between 3 and 4 am maybe? Zupas - Soup, sandwich and salad place. They have several options. Kneaders - Famous for their all-you-can-eat French toast on Saturday mornings, they have a few vegetarian options


Diego's - their veggie burrito is delicious Rancheritos - formerly known as Beto's. They have a veggie burrito that is not too bad, and they also have cheese quesadillas (super greasy though, beware). Cafe Rio - Their salads are amazing! I get mine with black beans and pretty much everything but meat and cheese. Their green dressing is fantastic but it does have dairy in it, they have another dressing that doesn't but unfortunately it's not as good. For a while they had whole wheat tortillas, but I don't know if they still do.

Italian places, like Gloria's.

Fast Food -

Burger King - they did have veggie burgers, not sure if they still do Taco Bell - bean burrito (I used to get it with guac and fiesta salsa inside), 7 layer burrito (make it vegan by requesting no cheese or sour cream). They don't use lard in their refried beans, so don't worry about that. Wendy's - baked potatoes - one time I saw that they had a new pesto and roasted red pepper sandwich so I got them to put that stuff on the potato. It was delicious!

Other places: The Malt Shoppe - They have grilled cheese sandwiches, scones, etc.

Vegan options

- places with sherbet? rice king, taco bell