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Peterborough, ON
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For almost one hundred and twenty years Market Hall has been a Peterborough icon, first as home to the city’s market and, since 1984, as an arts centre and community events venue. Located in the heart of the downtown, Market Hall is a small to mid-size multi-functional space that hosts a wide variety of performing arts groups, a series of youth presentations, community fundraising events and educational programmes. Location

The Market Hall building is located at the corner of George and Charlotte Streets. The ground floor is occupied by retail shops attached to the Peterborough Square shopping centre. The theatre in Market Hall is located on the 2nd floor. Its main entrance is at 336 George Street North. The Theatre is undergoing a major renovation and will be closed until 2011. The offices of Market Hall Performing Arts are located a few steps west, at 160 Charlotte Street, Suite 203, across from Wild Rock Outfitters.

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