Peterborough, ON Canada
2 hours per week
Artistic Director: Barbara Monahan
July 2009

The Peterborough Pop Ensemble is a music group in Peterborough, a.k.a. Musicville Canada.

Describe the music group. Starting ideas: What type of music? Where do they meet? Do they have auditions? Who's in charge?

The Peterborough Pop Ensemble, under its founding director Barbara Monahan, has been performing throughout Peterborough and the surrounding area since 2000. The Pop Ensemble strives to present the highest level of musical excellence while creating wonderful concert experiences for its audiences. With a diverse musical style and an obvious love of singing, this enthusiastic and infectious ensemble has developed a remarkable reputation for its musical interpretations of a broad spectrum of music, including jazz, pop, Broadway and gospel. Above all, this group celebrates music and the way it can inspire and unite us all.</font>

This is an auditioned group .  For more information about the group or if you are interested in arranging an audition, please contact Barbara at info@popensemble.com

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