464 Aylmer Street North
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(705) 745-7343
Dave and Sue Frise
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Spokes 'N' Pedals is a small bike shop on the East side of Aylmer Street North. They do not seem to have any online presence. They carry a lot of new and used bikes and do biking repairs at a reasonable price. The man and woman who are the only two I have seen working seem to be quite committed to giving good value to the customers - I've never seen them try to convince people to buy a newer or more expensive bike than they needed. They have always been polite to customers in my experience but they do tend to be not so polite to each other and bicker back and forth a bit, which can be a bit disturbing.

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2013-05-07 08:31:23   They are great people —

2013-05-07 08:35:06   I got a cruiser bike at Wild Rock a few years ago and the gears were wonky. I took it in to get serviced and the guy (I think it was one of the owners even) told me that I wasn't biking "properly", and proceeded to lecture me about what gears to use when. I felt stupid. I went to Spokes N' Pedals and they told me that there was indeed something off with my bike, and fixed it. I will be loyal to them forever.

ps also, I went to Wild Rock in high school to get tune-up on my bike and a guy that worked there actually told me in passing that my bike wasn't exactly "good quality" implying a tune-up wasn't really worthwhile. It was $300 and not used.


2013-07-23 08:34:13   I love spokes and pedals!!! I got my bike at fontane and they never even checked it over when I bought it. and I asked them again to check it a year later and he still didn't do jack. the front shock is makin a gawd awful sound and it still does. i was also up set when the owner told me the only rack i could put on my bike was the ulgy lame one for 30$. hahaha guess he disnt know what macgTver us bike people are!! DOH!! I visited spokes and fell in love . the couple is very nice and they have all the kool gadgets , my sister and mom were both pleased to go there. they are a real bike shop not like fontanes or wild rock ( the rip you off store, actually they both are lol). I will never ever go to either of those two stores again , the service is horrible. and the prices are outrageous.