If you missed it, when you signed up, it asked you not to use a nickname or business name. A wiki is a community of editors working together, and it is hard to empathize and work with somebody who is one person online and another person in 'real' life. Treat people online as if they were real — because they are!

Your Identity on the wiki is a combination of:

  • Your username.
  • Your edits, viewable as your edit history.
  • Your comments.
  • Any other contributions (positive or negative) that you have made. These may include uploading photographs, adding new relevant pages, etc.

Other wiki users think of you in terms of your identity. Without identity your comments carry very little weight. The more that you participate in the wiki, the stronger your identity will become (at least among those who participate in the wiki regularly), for better or worse. Since we don't know who you are, it is important to establish a positive identity. This gives you an enhanced reputation with other Wiki users, and builds trust in what you post.