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This is the Canadian Crisis Response wiki for Quinte West. To connect people who need help to those offering help. Use it as your Crisis Response Plan. Join a Crisis Response Team to address urgent issues including safe food pickup & delivery - whatever is requested. Existing problems of food, shelter, work and paying the bills (unaffordable life) will be amplified, and we want to get ahead of this by planting fruit trees & gardens. Buying food and supplies bulk and distributing. Giving people access to the tools they need for self-sufficiency. Helping people make & sell things to solve urgent income needs. Trenton and area. Brighton, Consecon, Belleville, Frankford, Stirling and Wooler. 

The common-sense What to Do? content of this wiki is fully backed by my top-notch team of contacts extending to every living Nobel laureate. We're working with government, following Charter law and Trudeau, keeping his policy team informed. We must all do what we can to help. In this crisis, I've made my plans for dozens of new products and new green businesses open for the full benefit of Canadians. It's not just Covid Response. An entire generation of Canadian kids is facing an uncertain to grim future. We need to change the odds in their favour. We know what to do. Best Regards, Dr. David Teertstra, medical scanner developer in Trenton, Ontario.

Like any Wiki, you can add your best ideas, correct errors, connect with others to translate talk into action. We need smart caring kindness now more than ever. Everything on this Wiki is about going green fast. It's a response to the most important document in world history, the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity, laying out the problems and what will happen to this generation of Canadian kids with we do not act. We have big problems in Quinte, it's already bad. Parents, we must act now.

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Urgent! Here is the Canadian Forces Callout. We need 100 Quinte kids to Save the Planet. Earn money defending your future in using a Climate Kids badge in a Cash4Kids fundraiser. In that campaign, you will also hand out flyers creating summer work for yourselves in YouthWorks  GREEN TEAMS. You future looks grim and we have to change that around using the strictest safe social distancing practices. Outdoor work is good for that. Adults, join our Venture Club in an urgent push to make small electric vehicles and in general move quickly to sustainable local production of food and essential goods. Join as a club, grow into a business.

In preparation for an anticipated food, work and economic crisis,  we have a  Spring Seeds Sale and Apple Trees $40 and under, delivered. Proceeds go to creating work and opportunities for Quinte kids. This could  be your route to food security or summer work. You can join a Any team naturally has a variety of work, skills & interests to tackle painting, plant Food & Flower Gardens, do home & yard care, support the lives of seniors. You can co-market as a group using the Trenton News to write and advertise for free. To get around, build a e-bike or a thumb-throttle Power Trailer for your bike (see plans in SEV Builders Club). A 70 km range, large enough for a lawnmower or rototiller, paint supplies or fix-it tools.

Use our Tools Club to get Club DealsCNC router, $1200 new, Club price $200. A wood chipper. Low-cost access to tools you need sometimes. Need a tool? Add it here. Air plasma cutters, embroidery sewing machines, welders, lithium batteries  solar panels and motors. You want to do woodwork, metal work, plumbing, electric. You may need a trailer, a sawmill or rototiller.There's so much you want to make, build and sell after seeing a hundred how-to videos! 

Use our Buy Bulk Club to slash life expenses. Get the best price on food, supplies, tools & equipment, lithium batteries, motors & more. You know the deal. Buy one for $20, but you want the two for $30 price. Group purchasing power can do that. A group of seniors could even pool funds to hire a personal support worker at a low cost per person. Between the Tools Club Deals and the Buy Bulk Club, you should be set to run your own Make & Sell operation. If marketing and sales is an issue, join a Make & Sell group to co-market with others or open a local Make & Sell Store or Made in Trenton Store.

Need a team? Join the Venture Club for more complex Make & Sell ventures. Propose a venture or join one of a dozen set up and good to go. Join as a club, grow into a business. It's smart to work out the details before going 'official'. We have to go green fast and there's no shortage of open-source ideas!

Kids, own land this summer. Welcome to Invent Camp. Buy an acreage with others wanting to invent & create new green businesses. Build out trails, campsites, cabins, workshops, barns, stores. Retreat center, wedding grounds, farming & more. This is Charter Land, with 50% reserved for Nature. Backed backed by parents with a plan to address zoning and green development issues. Start with permanent life time camping. You'll always have a place to go. Various Land Deals under $2000 an acre. 

Food security, fundraising and summer work:   Cash4Kids,  Spring Seeds Sale and Apple Trees. Join a YouthWorks  GREEN TEAM, plant  Food & Flower Gardens  use our Farm Assist  program, join our Apple Tree Club to tackle ongoing issues of work, food security and going green with trees and bees. Parents, use Green Bonds Parental Investment to investing directly in the lives of your kids, getting them set up for the future. Build a self-sufficient off-grid Greenhouse capable of growing oranges in winter. Check out our Seniors' Life Defense Plan in Seniors Connect: Life-stage needs, Seniors Life Defense Plan, Smart Shop, Home Care, Baby Visit, Seniors Support Net (agencies & guides, drivers, helpers), UC Seniors, hire a support worker as a group.

JOIN A CLUB to save money, create work, solve urgent social, economic & environmental issues:  You already know about the Buy Bulk Club to slash life expenses. And Club Deals. But inside the Tools Club is your WoodWorkers Club, a CNC Club, even a Sewing Club to do high-end embroidery of logos.

Fix It Club: Car Fix Club, Take-a-Look Car Repair. Appliances. Computer help. Know how to fix something? Add your name here. Need something fixed? Get on the list.

Wreck Reno Build Club: If you renovate or are in the trades, this is for you. This is about getting into the wide-open new green economy. Ground-heat energy, greenhouses, solar and water systems, Earth-Cooled Houses, retrofits. You'll get economic access to tools (Tools Club) and supplies (Buy Bulk Club) to make your own tools and manufacture your own screws and supplies (Venture Club). Add a CNC-driven woodshop and metalworking capacities to your toolkit!

Pizza Party: Buy bulk, make & bake, eat & sell. DIY, family & friends. Backyard ovens & local SEV delivery. Catering. Mobile oven & grill trailers. Baked bread & sandwiches. Mobile Burger BBQ and grilled veges. Earth-Cooled pantries and backyard cold sheds. Grow wheat. Join as a Club, grow into a business.

Help Club: Government social security systems are failing. Join our HoursBank:  Volunteers, bank your hours. Help someone in need, receive help later in life.  Education Hours: Learn from someone, repay by teaching someone else. Venture Hours: What you're working on with others may pay you back one day. Record who did what safely. HoursLoan: Get help now with a project or repair. Help someone else. Sometimes you just need someone to show up and help. You may need Health Help. Earn social security hours on an Ecoteam that solves sustainable food, farm, flower and forest issues. It ain't rocket science, but it's the basis our our lives and economy.  Care for family and friends is our only real social security. It may sound silly to say that, but when you experience the opposite - people that just don't care - you know what we're talking about.

I/O Hackers: Computers & help, programming & person-to-person banking, websites & communications, systems architecture, data & privacy. Tackle injustice, hack life in Canada. Save Our Planet ... we probably need a "Canada Connects" wiki to systematically tackle all the problems and corruption in banking, business and government that are driving our lives and the planet to ruin.

Zombie Horde Club: We just have to. You know you want to. Totally connected to media/marketing/protest/Change the world/have a say/it's your future!

Trenton is a run-down wretched little town with a grim future. Trenton citizens are struggling. There's no work, nothing to do.  At City Hall, they try to look good, but are doing nothing to help people, nothing to prevent the coming crisis. It's a sick culture, all about money for themselves, no regard for top laws. The World Scientists' Warning to Humanity is clear about the simple caring things we need to do in Trenton to save this generation. We have a plan for a fair and sustainable future.

Join the FedUp Club. to turn justifiable anger into action on urgent issues. Right now, you have no say about anything that impacts our lives and future. That's ridiculous. We have the right to personal AND national self-determination. We need to lay down the law. Our kids have the right to a future!  Parents, help write The Pioneer Act. Each new generation has the right to shrug off the worst practices of the past and carve out a life for themselves. Within this is the Replace the Mayor & Council Club. Replace the whole lot of them. And don't get me started on Bankers and insurance!

Join Climate Kids to earn money defending your future, taking immediate action in the media and market place.

Join UC Youth backed by UC Seniors and the broader Union of Canadians. A full action plan to deal with job creation, housing, work, banks, business and government. It's your life, your future. You deserve a say. 

 What to do now. What the danger is. Delivering food safely. Starting to work again safely while dealing with our broader housing/work/food crisis.

About. This local Trenton wiki was created by Dr. David Teertstra (researcher in molecular structure and optics) to aid people in response to this crisis and the anticipated cascading consequences. It's not just a Covid Response. It's the broader crisis of debt, housing, work, escalating prices, entire ecosystems in decline. What do we have to do? What's your plan? This Wiki is a rough outline of a complete life security plan based on our Canadian Charter. To secure your life and protect those you care about.

This is about caring parents creating a permanent pool of work for our kids. Our kids face a grim future. We're running our of time. Barely ten years remain to turn things around. We need to solve our known problems now. So we're creating work in every area of life showing care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of our economy. We know what to do, and we're doing it.

As parents, we know every problem of life in Canada. We know what our kids face. What's your plan to save to turn things around? The government has no plan for a fair and sustainable future. The bankers' have a plan for your life. Insurance is massively corrupt. An entire generation is now trapped between low wages and high house prices, unable to gain even the slightest foothold in life, facing a grim future. Our pioneers stood a better chance than they do.