This is where it gets interesting.

If you know how to fix something, join Group A, the Fixers. In Canada, we pronounce that Group eh. Say what you know how to fix, eh.

If you need something fixed, join Group B. Do you call a repair person? Do you try it yourself? Do you throw it out and buy "new" junk that also won't last? If only you knew someone who knew something and could at least take a look. There's usually only a few things that typically go wrong. Usually what is wrong is obvious, or the problem can be found with a few systematic tests. Most things can be fixed with a few simple tools. 

We have, for example, car repairs. What goes wrong? The battery. The starter motor. Spark plugs and filters. The alternator. A belt or brake pad or that other brake thingy. A short list, easily diagnosed. Most repaired with a small set of hand tools. But how to find someone to take a look? If you don't know someone, the alternative it taking it to a garage. Instead, try Take-a-Look Car repair. Someone on the above Group A knows enough to show up and get it done. Or they can say, "yep, this has to go to a garage. I can see what the problem is but need specialized tools." 

It's the same deal for plumbing repairs, electrical work, washers, dryers, dishwashers. And what about computer help? Or general repairs, painting and yard work. Who can you call? Green Teams, this is the place you can show off what you've got!

What do you know how to fix? Add your name here and say what you do. If you do a lot, refer people to your personal page.


Do you need something fixed? Say what it is and add your name here. No need for a lot of detail - save that for the fixer.