Replace the Mayor and Council Club: Their Official Plan will bring us to ruin. They're doing nothing that's needed to save our kids from the rapidly approaching crisis, yet they want to control what we can and cannot do in fine detail. A handful of people, clearly without the skill or knowledge needed, wants to control 43 000 Quinte residents. This is ridiculous. You have no say. You can talk, and they don't do anything. Replace the the whole lot of them!

A team is now being sought to prepare for the upcoming local elections.

We know what we need to to. It's obvious. Work, food, housing, fruit trees, a place to start a business: all banned and blocked by bylaws, outrageous fees for services we already paid taxes for, ridiculous rules and regulations with no basis in reality or law. Their official plan, in sharp contrast to the simple obvious things we need to do, things we know of in our own life and also made explicit in the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity. We cannot and will not compromise the lives of our children. 

We have little time to waste. You will be tasked with defending our lives. Caring for youth and seniors. Ensuring that everything we do defends life security.

You will find and use the best ways to care for people and the ecosystems that sustain our lives as the sole basis of the economy. You will use Canada’s top laws to do so, under the full authority of our Constitution.

You will use money wisely, making sure that City Hall integrates its actions with our most urgent needs. You will be frugal. You will be realistic and practical.

You will inspire in others the moral courage to do the right thing. You will start immediately laying out strategies to deal with the most urgent crisis we have ever faced. 

You will need time to get known. You will actively contact Trenton citizens already in distress and lift them out of crisis, into solutions.

You will actively solve our known issues now. You will address food security, housing, youth employment and seniors care.

For we cannot allow this slide into dire circumstances, not when the work of prevention is not hard. But we must act now, for it takes time for trees to grow and bear fruit.

Though tender in care towards the vulnerable, against those who unjustly attack our lives you will fierce as a bear protecting her cubs.

For the lives of our children are at stake. Not just from global warming, but from decayed farms, forests and fisheries.

Not all who apply will have what it takes, but all who run will grow in nobility of character, with heads high above those who made no effort at all to save our kids.

To run for Mayor and Council, add your name here. You'll form a group with a full plan for a fair and sustainable future.


To get involved in other ways, add your name here. You may, for example, support those running. Or help write a Life Plan for our City. One that you can use in your life and to secure your childrens' future.