This page is an "umbrella" resource for triangle-wide community gardens info. There are many different community garden organizations that work only in certain locales, and this site may serve to help connect them into a comprehensive regional community gardening 'quilt'.


This page will soon link to an editable online map where community gardening organizations and participants will be able to maintain a crowd-sourced set of map layers that identify the following items:

  • All the Community Gardening Organizations' main office locations and their contact info.
  • All the existing community garden plot locations and their organizational affiliation ( retired ones too, in case there is a possibility they might be revived in the future ).
  • Areas where new community gardens are wanted and/or there's a long waiting list to access space in an existing garden and another one should be started.
  • Grocery store & other food market locations ( to help identify "food desert" areas that a new community garden might help mitigate ).
  • Places where seeds, plants, gardening tools and other supplies can be obtained ( Hopefully some of these establishments can be encouraged to 'adopt a garden' near their location and provide some ongoing sponsorship and resources for the garden ). 
  • Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries, etc. where excess community garden produce can be shared,

Each jurisdiction will have different criteria for places a community garden can exist. As an aid for locating potential new gardens, county parcel data, city limits, etj limits, land use and zoning data from the various cities and counties will be periodically (quarterly?) processed and loaded into the map viewer as background layers to help community garden mappers target suitable areas for new gardens. These data layers will not be editable by the gardening community.

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