Mallarmé Youth Chamber Orchestra (MYCO) is a pre-professional string program located at UNC-Chapel Hill that focuses on chamber ensembles as well as orchestral groups. In 2005, Yoram Youngerman moved from his home in Israel and founded the program. It began with about 4 students in a small room above his garage. Over the past 7 years, the program has flourished. With a consistent group of about 40 advanced musicians, MYCO has truly created a name for itself of being highly respected and admired.


While Professor Youngerman is still the Artistic Director and Conductor, as the program has expanded the necessity for professional coaches increased as well. Some of these include Maestro Tonu Kalam, Richard Luby, The Ciompi Quartet, Ed Szabo, and Leonid Zilper. Repertoire ranges from Mozart and Haydn to Schubert, Brahms, Bartók and more. The orchestra rehearses every Sunday as well as the chamber ensembles. The chamber ensembles are split into sections, the intensive groups and then the groups that are less advanced. The majority of the intensive groups are invited to travel to Illinois in the spring to attend to Fischoff Chamber Competition, a highly prestigious competition by the Fischoff National Chamber Music Association.

Every semester the orchestra and chamber ensembles perform free concerts around the triangle to share their love of music with the rest of the community.

MYCO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


P.O. Box 3114
Chapel Hill, NC 27515