What do you know about the Stranded Railroad Car on Laurelbrook Street?

Old railroad car, now stranded and serving as the office for a used car dealer, at 2301 Laurelbrook St. The car dealer operates under the name, Kars Unlimited. The 457 square foot depot was constructed in 1990 as an office.

The railroad car is connected to part of an old spur that ties into the main lines running next to Capitol. The Mutual warehouse was most likely used as a manufacturing warehouse before. Hence the old water tower that feeds the building. It's an old coach car, most likely a Pullman. Very similar to the ones over at Seaboard. As far as the building goes it looks like it was also part of the train company. More than likely not a passenger depot just a yard office.

Joggers pass by on the Big Boss Run Club. Always lots of cats hanging around.

, 12-12-10 Photo by tompope2001

Google Street View 2015Photo by Mike Legeros, March 28, 2004March 2016