ASBSU stands for Associated Student Body of Simpson University. It is the student government of the university.


To provide a form of student government which shall develop a unity of purpose and mutual understanding among campus organizations, and to furnish a forum for the discussion of the problems, suggestions, and ideas of the entire student body.

To promote and to uphold the Christian standards and ideals upon which the University is founded.

To foster vital and cooperative student/faculty/ administrative relations in every area of college life.

To sponsor and coordinate activities that involve the students in both the campus and the community.

To provide challenging opportunities for individual growth in spirit, mind, and body.

Government Structure

Executive Officers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Business Manager/Secretary

Class Presidents

  • Senior Class President
  • Junior Class President
  • Sophomore Class President
  • Freshman Class President

Class Representatives

  • Senior Class Representatives (2)
  • Junior Class Representatives (2)
  • Sophomore Class Representatives (2)
  • Freshmen Class Representatives (2)

Special Populations Representatives

  • Commuter Student Representatives (2)
  • Resident Hall Association Representatives (2)
  • Fellowship Representative
  • Black Student Union Representative
  • Hispanic Fellowship Representative
  • International Student Fellowship Representative
  • Missionary Student Fellowship Representative

Student Activity Board Representative

  • Student Activity Board Representative

Clubs/Organizations Representatives

  • Recycling Club
  • Ping Pong Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Disc Golf Club
  • College Republicans
  • Chico Street Ministries Organization
  • Business Club (various other major clubs)
  • Literary Club
  • Men’s Volleyball Club (various other club sports teams)