21893 Old 44 Drive Palo Cedro, California 96073
(530) 547-2900
Karl Hanf

Bishop Quinn High School is a now-defunct small, private Catholic high school in Palo Cedro near Redding, California founded in 1995 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. The school was named after Bishop Francis Quinn, the diocese's bishop emeritus. The school was designed to serve the Catholic population of Shasta County, California.


The location was formerly known as Country Christian School---a private school operated by the non-denominational Little Country Church---until the early-to-mid 90s. The property was sold to the Catholic church in 1995 when both CCS and Little Country Church itself moved to new facilities located at 873 Canby Rd. in Redding.

The school grew to approximately 200 students from an inaugural class of 26. The 26 freshman who matriculated in 1995 represented the school's first graduating class in 1999. With the closing of St. Francis Middle School in 2007 (which was located on the same campus) Bishop Quinn saw a drop in attendance to around 100 students. In 2008, The Sacramento Diocese decided to close Bishop Quinn High school due to low enrollment.