11895 Crystal Creek Road
Division Director
Paul Burdett
(530) 245-6690
(530) 245-6685
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The Crystal Creek Camp program serves up to 60 boys (aka cadets), ages 14 to 18. Yolo County juveniles are sentenced by the Yolo County Juvenile Court to complete the camp program. The camp is run by the Shasta County Probation Department. Yolo County pays Shasta County for each child they place at the facility.

Crystal Creek Regional Boys' Camp was established to offer a program to males from rural counties who were in need of discipline, education and rehabilitation services in an effort to redirect their lives away from the criminal justice system. The Camp has bed space for up to 60 minors. The minors are ordered by the juvenile court to participate in the camp program for up to 270 days, with the average stay being 90 days.

The camp program emphasizes education, with special components that include vigorous work details, community service, employment skill development, and counseling to facilitate personal awareness and self-esteem. Programs include substance abuse, anger management, cultural tolerance and gang awareness. Cadets generally alternate daily between school and work.

Parent contact

After a two week "blackout" period the cadet can earn a two hour visit every Sunday. There are no visits allowed during the first two weeks the cadet is in camp. Visiting is a privilege and must be earned by the cadet by passing performance evaluations in their programs. Parents should call the Camp Probation officer at (530) 245-6692 by Friday at 3:00 PM to confirm their visits.

Visiting begins at 1:30 PM each Sunday. The camp is located approximately 20 miles west of Redding on Highway 299 W. Just past the French Gulch turn off is a road on the left "Crystal Creek Road". This is a dirt road that winds back through the hills for approximately 8 miles before you reach the Camp.

Only parents, grandparents, or legal guardians are allowed to visit and must provide picture identifications.

All cadets may receive mail by addressing letters to the cadet, in care of Crystal Creek Regional Boys' Camp, P.O. Box 578, Shasta, CA 96087. The letters are subject to inspection by the camp staff prior to their receipt by the cadet. Cadets are provided with writing materials and sufficient postage to send three letters per week.

Five minute phone collect calls will only be allowed to parents, guardians or those authorized by the cadet's probation officer provided the cadet has earned this privilege through positive program participation.


Crystal Creek School - The Shasta County Office of Education provides the educational services for the cadets. During the first weeks of the program, new cadets are tested for their skill levels in reading, math, and writing. They are placed in the appropriate grade level for their academic classes. Class sizes are small - with 10 to 12 students per teacher and aide. Elective classes include computer programming, construction, CAD drafting and robotics.